Duly noted: Oct 26 – Nov 1, 2009

duly noted
  • More than half the 640,239 jobs saved by the stimulus bill are teacher jobs, according to detailed information released by the Obama administration on Friday.  Teachers accounted for 325,000 jobs that were saved by stimulus funding.
  • College enrollments hits an all-time high, driven by a surge of enrollment at 2-year community colleges.  39.6% of adults from 18 to 24 years old are enrolled in college.  Some community colleges added classes that end at 2:30 am or begin as early as 6 a.m. to accommodate increased student needs.
  • Los Angeles students who were taught by Teach for America teachers performed better than students taught by other teachers, according to a study by the Eli and Broad Foundation.  The study found that TFA students had test scores that were 3 points higher overall than non-TFA students, even those taught by veteran teachers.
  • Are our public universities becoming more like private ones?  The number and quality of applicants at flagship public universities are increasing and resembling its elite private counterparts.  Prestigious public universities are increasingly financially independent and receive a relatively small percentage of its funding from the state. But being more selective may not be such a good thing since it may detract from the schools’ education mission.
  • The town of Montclair, New Jersey is embroiled in a controversy concerning whether members of the school board should be elected or appointed.  Only 4% of the nation’s school boards are appointed, and Montclair is one of them.  But some residents want to change the system, causing heated debate and emotions in the small township of 37,000 residents.

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