Duly noted: Nov 2 – Nov 8, 2009

  • duly notedCiting the low graduation rate of students in Palm Beach County, the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against state official of Florida, alleging that they failed to ensure that students in Palm Beach County receive a high quality education as required by the Florida constitution.
  • Louisiana passes a statute that requires documentation of every electronic interaction between teachers and students through a non-school-issued device (e.g. a personal cell phone or email account).  Parents also have the option of forbidding any communication between teachers and their child through personal electronic devices.
  • In another email-related matter, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear a case next week about whether emails composed by public school teachers on work computers, both personal and work-related, constitute “public record” under state law.  Five teachers have sued the school board over the unauthorized release of their emails to a local resident who requested the information.
  • Why is New Jersey spending so much money per student?  A blogger reviews the film “The Cartel” about the New Jersey education system and wonders whether the state’s public schools are spending the funding wisely.

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