Duly noted: Nov 23 – Nov 29, 2009

  • President Obama announced an initiative to promote and encourage math, science, and technology education, and asked corporations and non-profit organizations to help.  He also annouced an annual science fair at the White House.
  • Officials in Oregon said that teachers in Oregon are likely to win the right to wear religious clothing, such as yarmulkes, head scarves, and crosses in school when the legislature convene in February.  A 1923 law in Oregon currently prohibits teachers from expressing their religious beliefs in school.
  • Lincoln University, a historically black college in Chester County, Pennsylvania, believes that BMI is as important as GPA.  To graduate, students with a Body Mass Index of over 30 — the measurement for obesity — must take a class called “Fitness for Life” before they may graduate.  The policy, enacted in 2006, will keep two dozen students from graduating this spring.  Student reaction to the new policy has not been positive.
  • A guest column on the Quick and the Ed explains why student protests against the University of California tuition hike, though unlikely to be effective, are still desirable because they attract national media attention to the contentious issue and to student discontent.

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